Creating Quality eMail lists

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I hate when I see something like:

“Get the top 100 tips for business success, Sign up below”

At this point you are prompted to provide your contact information in exchange for a white paper of some sort. Rarely is it the information I wanted and now my inbox has more SPAM coming into it.

 With the amount of free information on the internet I think this method of list building drives away more potential customers than it brings in. At this point, if I have to sign up for information then I will find it elsewhere. It just isn’t worth the hassle to opt-out.

 I opt-in when I find someone who has proven to me they provide valuable content. Share a portion of your knowledge publicly and let the reader choose if they want to learn more. This also provides a better list of subscribers as they will be more likely to open what you are sending instead of regarding it as SPAM.


Sweater Sleeves

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For years we have used sweater vests when our torso is cold and our arms are too hot. There was always the problem of our arms being cold while our torso is hot. I have scoured the internet for a solution to this dilemma. Are there no sweater sleeves?  A visit from my 14 year old niece gave me the answer to the questions that have plagued me for years; can I buy sleeves and who else would buy sleeves? Sleeves are a big deal for young adults her age. Sleeves just aren’t fashion accessories they can be used in athletics as well. Would you wear sleeves?

Fully customizable sleeves, add your companies logo. No screen or set-up charge.

Fully customizable sleeves, add your companies logo. No screen or set-up charge.

Free T-shirts aren’t enough

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Traditional Give Away Vs Trendy Style

Traditional Give Away Vs Trendy Style

I want to let every business owner know on behalf of generation Y; if you give me a good looking promotional t-shirt I will wear it proudly, I will tell people where I got it, and if you take time to socialize with me; I will recommend you to my friends. Free isn’t good enough though, I do not want a one size fits all t-shirt; I want something I would buy for myself.

I have seen thousands of shirts printed in my short time here at Branded Solutions and out of all the shirts I have seen; only one has caught my attention. Even before it was printed, I wanted one. It was a simple grey shirt, cut a little differently, and softer than the other shirts we print on. I didn’t care what they printed on that shirt, I wanted one.

All of us no matter what generation have been given a t-shirt and rarely do we wear it longer than we need to. Promotional shirts quickly become work shirts or cut up into shop rags.  The solution to this is to produce shirts that look good and are current with fashion trends. Why not give promotional shirts the chance to become a favortie shirt instead of a rag?

The lesson is: If a business owner wants to promote to generation Y with promotional apparel they need to pay attention to what we are wearing because free isn’t enough. This goes for business owners making uniforms as well. Why not make a shirt that an employee will be proud to wear long after their employment has ended? Promotional tees work as long as they are fashionable.

Unicef Toy Soldiers

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The African continent has the world’s highest number of child soldiers, fighting in wars they don’t believe in, for causes they don’t understand. Unicef extract many of these children from combat and reintegrate them into society. Their aim was to rally support for this programme. Sending out a direct mailer that garners support for Unicef’s child soldier programme. Initially, the mailer appears to be a typical packet of toy soldiers, but once opened, the recipient finds that the figurines are in fact children – reading books, playing soccer, riding bikes and doing other childhood activities. Results: The package went to Unicef supporter mailing lists as well as potential corporate sponsors. Awareness is up, and beyond the desired reaction from the recipients, many compliments are being received about the unique way in which it was put forward. More than a simple message, it’s an ongoing reminder of the realities these children face every day.

Agency: Y&R Johannesburg, South Africa.

Farmer Hao’s Amazing Pears

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In Hebei, China, farmer Hao Xianzhang has successfully created and sold buddha-shaped pears. Inspired by the book Journey to the West, in which eating baby-shaped fruit leads to immortality. Hao attached a mold to the fruit for six months to give the fruit its unique shape.


Hao is eager to appeal to western tastes and would like to produce pears in the shape of celebrities. I would like to see a major fruit grower like Del Monte pick us this technique to brand their fruit without the use of stickers or laser tattooing. What a great way to promote and brand a fruit company.



Promotional Product Headache

•September 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

Putting a company logo on a product can be a big waste of money unless it drives home a message. Agudol is a non prescription painkiller specially formulated for headache. So teaming their company name and logo with a paddle ball is a perfect fit.


Unique Business Card

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Small details in a business make a big difference. Things like creating a business card that drives home your brand image. These business cards from mixedtape generation cannot be ignored. They really play on the theme by placing them inside a cassette case.