Business Mailing List Stimulus Sale

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–

Beginning today, in an attempt to help companies boost their Q3 and Q4 revenues, USADATA is launching their “Business Mailing List Stimulus Sale” promotion. Now, companies can purchase business mailing lists for just 8 cents a lead or less, representing a savings of more than 25 percent. This special promotion lasts for ten days, ending September 10, 2009.

 Although reports that the economy is “healing,” many businesses are still feeling the recessionary sting. Small and medium-sized businesses have cut back or even discontinued their direct mail marketing campaigns in order to save costs. Although reducing marketing expenses may seem helpful in the short term, it can have a dampening effect on sales.

“Although reducing marketing expenses may seem helpful in the short term, it can have a dampening effect on sales.”


 “One of the best ways small and medium-sized businesses can start generating sales and gaining new clients is by running a targeted direct mail campaign,” said Jon Rapkin, Senior Vice President at USADATA. “By lowering our prices, more businesses can jump-start their sales through purchasing targeted business leads.”

 Businesses wanting to take advantage of USADATA`s special Business Mailing List Stimulus Sale can visit or call a mailing list Data Specialist at 1-800-395-7707. Minimum mailing list orders start at $50 and each sales lead includes the business name, address, phone number; SIC Code and a top contact name and title where available.

 Have a list of contacts you want to do business with? Branded Solutions can provide direct mail campaigns for most budgets large and small. Properly organized direct mail campaigns can yield a higher ROI than any other advertising medium. We have produced thousands of direct mail campaigns; we know what works. Contact us today at  to discuss how Branded Solutions can improve your fourth quarter.


~ by BRANDED Solutions on September 1, 2009.

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