Lessons From DW

Every morning around 7 AM I can be found discussing business, marketing, life, cars, and everything in-between with the owner of Branded Solutions, Dan W. I want to share the lessons I have learned so I will be posting once a week to share what I have learned during our conversations. I’m calling these posts lessons from DW.


Lesson # 1

It’s not about Money 

             Would you rather measure the success of a business in terms of profits earned or lives changed? What is the value of a dollar when the person paying you has little to show for their expense? Anyone can sell a pen but not everyone will take the time to see if a pen is really what is needed.

 These two questions are the foundation of my business ethics. The answers given to these questions can not be considered right or wrong but they do give a powerful insight on the type of business person you are or will be. What happens to a person when he or she focuses on the quality of the service provided and not on the profits to be gained? That person builds a reputation; gains credibility; has the right to ask for referrals; and will be sought after as an expert. That person is a success and because of that, money will come.  Being able to generate large amounts of income doesn’t generate success; it generates wealth. The bench mark for success in my life and for Branded Solutions is the ability to rise to a task, complete it, and exceed expectations. Lesson learned: it’s not all about money.


~ by BRANDED Solutions on August 27, 2009.

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