Pantene Pro V2 – Sex Sells


A friend of mine pointed this out to me today. Fortunately it follows along with my rebranding theme. In an attempt to capture a wider share of the marketplace, the Procter & Gamble Corporation launched a campaign Monday to rebrand its popular Pro-V line of shampoos as the leading hair-care product for women with dry, brittle hair who also wish to manually bring their boyfriends to climax while showering.

“In addition to providing women with a luxuriant head of shiny, healthy hair, our new Pantene Pro-V2 line is ideal for vigorously working that special someone’s member without the soreness and discomfort caused by other shampoos,” spokeswoman Karen Radcliffe said. “With 20 percent more of the moisture-rich ingredients found in the original Pro-V formula, your hair will always look great, and his penis will never get dried out or chafed.”


Like I mentioned before, rebranding to stay with the times is very important and this is definitely aimed at one specific demographic. The 18 – 34 female demographic they are aiming at has received the new promotions well. I say it is rebranding well done. Its sure to receive a lot of attention.

Jen Sandford, a 22-year-old student at Tulane University, said that Pantene Pro-V2 is now her shampoo of choice.

While the man is being pampered in the shower he should remember to treat his lady well too. I recomend one of our spa kits.



What is your take on this? Is it a good step for Pantene’s rebranding process?


~ by BRANDED Solutions on August 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pantene Pro V2 – Sex Sells”

  1. I’m 20 years old and I think what Pantene did was really un-classy. I also do not find it appealing to wash my hair with something that could also be used as a lubricant, gross. I could only imagine how greasy my hair would be after using it. I’m all for having fun in the shower but shampoo is meant to clean your hair, not provide extra wetness for sexual intercourse. It’s a sign to me that business isn’t doing so well so they are taking desperate measures to try to make money. I’ll stick with shampoos that actually do their job, and that’s cleaning my hair.

  2. Don’t worry too much about this, this was a piece of news that showed up on The Onion, a satirical newspaper.

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