I have had the importance of branding on my mind for two weeks now. It all started with a meeting with a start up business. A logo may be small physically but it sets the tone for a business. Logos aren’t set in stone and need to change with the times. Pizza Hut or “The Hut”, over the past two years Pizza Hut has begun a massive brand-repositioning to modernize. With the tough economic times and people eating out less they have introduced, “The Hut” which aims to introduce fresher and more abundant toppings. All of this is an attempt to reconnect with a consumer base that is trying to eat healthier. Now you can choose from hand tossed, deep dish and multi-grain.

Design is a great way to create an emotional expression for your brand. But the pizza category has been a real laggard in doing that. Our red box is a game changer in packaging and design. And yes, we’re also introducing another vocabulary word with Pizza Hut, which is ‘The Hut.’ That ties in nicely with (today’s) texting generation. We wanted to make sure that Pizza Hut and ‘The Hut’ become common vernacular for our brand. Red is our mark and when you see that red roof, people will refer to it as ‘The Hut’ or ‘Pizza Hut.’ As we expand our online and mobile businesses, ‘The Hut’ is the perfect icon for our mobile generation.” – Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut CMO

Is The Hut more appealing to my “text crazed” generation?  Maybe, I know one of the reason I order from there is there great online ordering system. Have you noticed any great rebranding lately?


~ by BRANDED Solutions on August 13, 2009.

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