Promotional Products Can Save Cities

Yubari Promotional Products

Yubari Promotional Products

Yubari City is a small Japanese coal mining town of 12,000 residents and $353 million in debt that forced forced the town into bankruptcy in 2007. The city would not go down without a fight however. They hired Beacon Communication to promote Yubari and breathe new life into the city and its citizens.

The Beacon creative team focused on the fact that Yubari boasted the lowest divorce rate in the whole of Japan and created the idea, “Yubari, no money but love”, with two mascots, a couple called “Yubari Fusai“. “Fusai” means both “debt” and “married couple” in Japanese. (source: theinspirationroom )

Given the state of the cities economy the promotion campaign needed to be low cost but highly effective (A Branded Solution specialty). The campaign created an additional $31 million of income annually, the number of visitors of increased by 10%, and $1.5 million was generated in advertising value.

Is there any business, organization, government, etcetera that can’t benefit from the use of promotional products


~ by BRANDED Solutions on July 10, 2009.

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