chocolate boxWe are constantly given new products to test, review, and introduce to our clients. We receive pens, flash lights, calendars, individual sized everything, and on rare occasions a taste treat will fall into our lap.
Food gifts are easy to spot; they are always well decorated with elegant foil covered boxes and carefully tied bows hiding away the gourmet treats inside. Unwrapping them makes for the same kind of anticipation one experiences during the holidays as the final present is being given. As soon as the first corner of the foil is lifted the aroma of sweets fills the senses of the lucky recipient making it almost impossible not to make confetti out of the rest of the foil. Before going any farther, it is important to take notice of who is around you and what obstacles are in-between them and the box of mystery confections. This bit of advice is considerable given that with one bite of these much anticipated pieces of heaven, you may not want to share. In fact you may want to cancel your day’s appointments and stow away in a forgotten corner of the office. They are just that good. Branded Solutions says this confidently knowing that we have chosen only the very best suppliers of gourmet food baskets to present to our clients. We promise you we have taken on the arduous task of sampling the best and worst of the companies out there and what we have to offer is one of the best solutions for corporate gift giving. If you would like to set up a corporate food gift basket program contact us at 412-323-0560 or send us an E-mail at


~ by BRANDED Solutions on July 6, 2009.

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