The Ultimate Business Card from Branded Solutions

USB Business Card

USB Business Card

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I have an obsession with business cards. My obsession started at ten years old when I was job shadowing my dad . He was a salesman and in the course of a week he would collect hundreds of business cards. Even at 10 years old I could tell there was something inherently wrong with the format of most business cards. It wasn’t that they where all the same size or lacked eye catching color. What bothered me then and what still continues to bother me today is that they don’t say anything! A typical business card will have on it: the name of the company, persons name, position and contact information. For me this information just isn’t enough. I want to know what you do and why I should give you my business. So when I found these USB business cards I nearly jumped out of my seat. For me this is it, the ultimate business card! This is a card that demands attention. A card that will refuse to be filed away in a rolodex (does anyone still use those) or tossed to the cylindrical file after being filed into a mass database. This card has a function that goes beyond just giving standard information. Once plugged into a computer your card can display catalogs of information. Entire sales presentations can be stored and viewed by your potential client. Try to get that kind of presence from a standard business card. This is a card that the receiver will be sad to misplace. So forget business cards with funny shapes to attract attention, They are annoying and are generally tossed because they don’t fit in anything. In fact forget your business cards all together because they just can’t compete. A USB Business Card from Branded Solutions will keep your name in front of your audience instead of hidden away like so many others. Remember Branded Solutions gives you the tools to “Brand out in a crowd!”


~ by BRANDED Solutions on June 29, 2009.

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