Its all about quality not quantity

When I first started here my boss sat me down and put three similar pens in front of me. He said, “Each of these pens is cheaper than the other. If a client asked you to recommend a pen what would you choose?” I chose the cheapest pen and when asked why I responded, “The customer will probably want to cheapest pen. Pens are pens right?” Wrong! That was my first lesson in value. I was told that cheap pens do what cheap pens do best; break, don’t write, or fall apart. So what good is a pen with your client’s logo on it if it ends up in the trash? If I recommend a faulty pen to a client, how likely will it be that I see that client again? The message of value was driven in deep with those last two lines. I understand now why Branded Solutions would rather lose a client than recommend a poor quality product.


~ by BRANDED Solutions on June 23, 2009.

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